Additional Services

Roof Coating for Flat Roofs

At Cedar Roof Omaha, we provide affordable roof coating services throughout Omaha and beyond.

Advantages of Roof Coating

  • Durability. Roof coatings protect your roof from harsh weather such as UV Rays, hail and storms

  • Roof coatings prevents the formation of rust and corrosion

  • Protection against the growth of fungi, mold, algae, lichens and moss

  • Excellent insulation, reducing energy bills

  • Extends your roof’s life

  • Prevents leaks

  • Less roof repairs

  • New looking roof

  • Cost effective – coatings  cost up to 60% less than a roof replacement

  • Adds value to your property

Roof Coating Omaha

Lightning Protection Installation

At Cedar Roof Omaha, We can assist you with all aspect of lightning protection, from inspection, completing a risk assessment, design, installation and maintenance of a lightning protection system.

Advantages of Lightning Protection

  • Protect your property from lightning

  • Reduce fire risks

  • Protect your appliances, computer, data systems in case of lightning strikes

  • Protect trees

Deck Repair Services – Omaha and beyond

At Cedar Roof Omaha, we provide personalized services to bring your outdoor living spaces to life.  We perform all levels of deck construction services.  Is the wood loose, rotten or cracked?  Are the handrails loose?  Does your deck need to cleaned or painted?  Contact Cedar Roof of Omaha today for a free estimate.

Deck Repair Services

  • Board replacement

  • Railing replacement

  • Deck cleaning

  • Deck painting

  • Stair replacement

Deck Repair Omaha

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Some Kind Words From Our Customers


Our roof looked just horrible with stains streaking down the roof and in places. The stains were ugly and black. We contacted Cedar Roof of Omaha to clean our roof.  They gave us a great price and cleaned the roof so professionally – it looks awesome, as good as new!  Thanks for the great job!


Chris Johnson


“Outstanding Work”

5 / 5

I hired Cedar Roof Omaha to fix my leaking roof.  They did a great job in stopping the leak and did roof coating.  Great job.  Thank you guys for your excellent work.

Brandon Smith


“Fabulous Work”

5 / 5

My deck look old with stains and I was getting ready to sell it.  I hired Cedar Roof Omaha to clean and paint my deck.  They did a fabulous job. I highly recommend them.

Tom Hopkins


“Absolutely Fantastic”

5 / 5

I hired Cedar Roof Omaha to install lightning protection rods on my roof. It was a hassle free experience.  They did a good job at an affordable price.

Sara Jacobs


“Happy Customer”

5 / 5

I hired Cedar Roof Omaha to clean my roof and treat it. They were prompt and professional. Did a nice job. The roof look beautiful.

Sandra Thomson