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Cedar Roof Omaha is leading cedar roof repair and preservation company. We  specialize in cedar roof repairs, cedar roof oil treatments, roof cleaning, roof coating and gutter cleaning.  A roof treatment should be your priority when you are planning home improvements.  Treating your cedar roof will protect your roof and extend the life of your roof and make it look as new. We can help you protect and maintain the roof at a reasonable cost. Call us today for a free estimate for roof treatment.  We are based in Omaha and serve throughout Nebraska and beyond.

Cedar Roof Repair and Oil Treatment Process

1.  First we look over the roof and inspect for any damaged or weathered areas that may be leaking. And look for any loose or missing shakes or ridge-caps. Also we check around for any holes caused by animals and checkout skylights, flashing, pipe jackets, vents, etc.

2.  Second we repair the roof with quality grade shake whether it’s heavy, medium or perfection. We replace all bad or missing shakes. We replace all bad or missing ridge-caps. Patch any holes. Caulk skylights, flashing, pipe jackets, vents, etc.

3.  Third we treat any moss, mildew or algae then scrub it with a brush. We don’t
ever recommend power washing your roof. It peels back a layer of the shake shortening the life of the roof.

4.  Last but not least. We blow the roof off. And treat the entire roof with a chevron shingle oil treatment. Unlike most treatments it penetrates down deep into the shake locking into the fibers of the cedar. This treatment slows down the weathering process. Maintained properly your cedar roof could last 35-50 yrs.

Note: We highly recommend to never power-wash your roof as it will cause damage to the shake.  It peels back a layer of the shake making it more brittle and easier to susceptible to wind damage.

Highly experienced cedar roof experts

Our Services

  • Cedar roof repairs

  • Cedar roof cleaning

  • Cedar roof preservation

  • Cedar roof oil treatment

  • Cedar roof maintenance packages

  • Roof Coatings

  • All types of roof repairs

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Cedar Roof Omaha will customize a plan to keep your cedar roof repaired and treated to maintain it in great shape and hold it’s beauty and value over time.

Cedar Roof Cleaning Omaha
Cedar Roof Cleaning Omaha

Highly experienced cedar roof experts

Advantages of Cedar Roof Treatment

  • It extends the lifespan of your roof and makes your roof aesthetically appealing and new

  • It provides year-round protection from weather
  • It preserves the wood, as it limits contraction/expansion caused by weather

  • It repels water and reduces water damage. Moreover, it blocks moss and algae.

  • It blocks moss and algae

When cedar shake roof is treated, the wood becomes resistant to bugs and UV damage. This allows the roof to better withstand the UV rays of the sun, winds, hail and rain that often impacts roofing in the Nebraska.  Moreover, when a few shakes are damaged or broken, it is less costly  to remove and replace in single units instead of having to tear off an entire roof.

If left untreated, cedar suffers from many ailments: shrinking and expanding of wood, discoloration caused by the presence of decay-promoting micro-organism,  degradation caused by sunlight and much more.


Best cedar roof treatment

In Omaha, Nebraska, Cedar shake roofs are the most popular roofing choices for homes. Cedar shake roofs are the oldest type of roofing and has been used for centuries. Basically, a cedar shake is a wooden shingle that is made from split logs.  Cedar shake roofs have a natural look, are very elegant, have a rustic charming appearance and are installed a wide range of architectural designs. Your cedar shake rook will always have a unique appearance due to  the variations in shade, width, density, or cut. Furthermore, cedar timber additionally can save you energy bills as it insulates your home and circulates air.  Maintaining your cedar roof is vital to prolonging the longevity of your shake roof. Here at Cedar Roof Omaha we are dedicated to helping your maintain your cedar roof within your budget.

The only way to get the full life-span potential from a cedar roof  is to maintain it and have it cleaned.  Treating your roof will block moss and algae, and restore the wood’s color, making it look aesthetically appealing and new. Just like any other wood material, cedar shakes are impacted by extreme weather and break down over time.  Ultraviolet light, humidity, shade and heat all effect on cedar. If left neglected  premature deterioration will result and you will end up replacing your roof.  Cedar is durable if maintained properly. You should have your cedar roof treated annually.  Each year the roof goes untreated you lose three years off its lifespan. At Cedar Roof Omaha of Nebraska, we use one of the finest wood preservative and moss, fungus, and algae retardant treatments on the market. Various treatments can be performed as part of the cedar roof maintenance every couple of years. This includes water repellents, fungicides, algaecides, and fire repellents. These treatments may claim a long life, but it is best to apply them every 1 to 3 years as part of the regular cedar roof maintenance.


About Cedar Roofs

Why choose Cedar Roof Omaha?

The Cedar Roof Omaha will give your greatest investment (your Home) an elegant and beautiful look that adds value to your property…and it is truly an investment worth caring for.

How long will my cedar roof last?

That depends on how much care you give it? We offer annual cedar roof maintenance packages to fit all of your cedar roofing needs.

Why should I clean my Cedar Roof?

Cedar shakes require regular cleaning to keep them free from things like moss, algae, and mold. They also require surface treatments to protect from things like the elements, moisture, insects, and fire. These protective treatments are required every few years to remain effective.

How do I clean my cedar shake roof?

Cedar Roof Omaha advises you never to power wash your cedar roof.  Cleaning your cedar roof is not a DIY project, it should be done by a cedar shake roofing professional.

What is a cedar roof maintenance program?

The Cedar Roof of Omaha will customize a plan to keep your cedar roof repaired and treated to maintain it in great shape and hold it’s beauty and value over time.

Should you stain cedar shakes?

Staining cedar shingles not only enhances their beauty but also fortifies them against threats posed by the elements.  To protect new shingles, apply a penetrating stain. Stain soaks in and protects the wood from the weather, and it won’t crack, peel, or chip.

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I have a cedar roof that was leaking and needed cleaning.  Cedar Roof of Omaha repaired my roof and cleaned it beautifully.  It looks new.  I experience was amazing and hassle free.  They were prompt and their price was right.  I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their cedar roof cleaned.  I will surely hire them again.  Thank you cedar roof of Omaha for doing an excellent job.

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